Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How many days?

I'm sorry, how many days did you say?
Put it this way... in 504 hours i WILL BE ON A PLANE to Orlando
21  days

Friends keeps asking if I am nervous? Honestly, not at all.
Anxious? Nope.
Ready? VERY.
Its funny, having spent the past few months wanting this so BAD, it just seems so natural to grab my suitcase and head for the airport.. Something about this experience just feels "Right" throughout the entire application process, I haven't once felt nervous or thought twice about it, this program is not only right for me, but its right for my RIGHT NOW. 

I have officially reach an unnatural level of Disney stalking, I feel as though I have read pretty much every Disney college program blog, every ICP related forum, stalked current applicants facebooks - yet still after reading so much I am still going over with no expectations. The common thing I've read on all these blogs is that the program is what you make it. Same as everything in life I guess, you don't get unless you give (shame more people didn't understand that theory)

Whats next? packing. argh. As a serial overpacker, I am DREADING packing for this trip, and would even contemplate paying someone good money to pack for me. On a recent 5 day trip interstate, I took enough clothes to last me months. I openly admit, packing is NOT my forte.

I'm thrilled, I'm excited, I'm ready!

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